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expert witness services

Our principal consultant Steve Hailey will work closely with you to meet whatever needs you have. Deciding whether or not your situtaion calls for the services of an expert can be confusing. Please feel free to email or call us for a no-cost consultation. You'll be dealing with one of the most qualified experts you'll find.

Contact us at or give us a call at 1-800 726-1433. Additional contact information is listed on our Contact Us page.

If you do need our services, it's important that you act fast. Digital information is fragile, and must be preserved as soon as possible. The longer the computing devices that contain possible evidence are left running, the more likely it is that evidence will be destroyed.

In all situations, you must have the legal right to give us access to the computing devices we need to examine. If you are unsure whether or not you meet this requirement, please contact your attorney. If other parties own the computing devices that are pertinent to the situation, we can assist your attorney in developing discovery requests, requests for court orders and subpoenas.

Our support for individuals includes but is not limited to the following. Please contact us with any special needs that you may have. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

  • Internet stalking and harassment via email or other electronic means
  • Child custody issues where digital information is pertinent and needs to be extracted or examined
  • Divorce issues where digital evidence is pertinent and needs to be extracted or examined
  • Civil litigation where digital information is pertinent and needs to be extracted or examined
  • Forensic analysis of thumb drives, digital cameras, cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDA's)
  • Recovering encrypted and/or deleted emails
  • Cracking passwords (we can crack what the competition cannot)
  • Removal of viruses and other forms of malware
  • Recovering deleted data
  • Data destruction and media wiping
  • Electronic discovery compliance
If you are involved in litigation, CyberSecurity Institute will work with your legal counsel to obtain the digital information needed from opposing parties.

If you need to ship anything to us for analysis, please contact, or call us toll free at 1-800 726-1433 first.

Please bear in mind that we will consult and work with you on both civil and criminal matters, but will not work for the defense in a criminal case.

Steve's Bio

Previous customers who have retained Steve's services say:

"I was really happy with your instant response, which I badly needed, your quick understanding of the issue, and your technical ability to solve it immediately. Finally, you were able to communicate technical information easily for the layperson."

Todd Nichols
Attorney At Law

"Steve has never disappointed. He has never disappointed because he is accurate and quick. While I never have sought any particular opinion from Steve, his expertise always leads to the correct opinion. He is professional and concise and has been very instrumental and helpful in resolving very difficult and thorny cases. I would highly recommend Steve. His expertise is unparalleled."

Mitch Cogdill
Attorney At Law
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