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Course Overview
You'll learn how to properly read and interpret packets and packet headers including IP, TCP, ICMP, and UDP. You will learn how to distinguish between normal, abnormal, and malicious traffic. You will also create and respond to attacks such as Smurf, Tribe Flood Network, Stacheldracht, and Targa among others. You will see how man-in-the-middle attacks are perpetrated, and how to prevent them. You will see how hackers bring down routers and switches, and will learn how to protect network infrastructures as well as properly setup and maintain an Intrusion Detection System.

Who Should Take This Class?
Anyone in an information technology related field. New information security personnel, IT security officers, information security professionals, security auditors, network engineers, network administrators, troubleshooters and technicians. Appropriate for anyone interested in network security and the forensic value of performing packet analysis - technical CEOs and law enforcement as well.

Why This Class?
Don't pay thousands of dollars to attend a crowded class where either the instructor has no time for your questions or is not capable of answering your questions. Small class sizes (fifteen or less) mean that your questions will get answered, and additional help will be given when needed. Your instructor is a seasoned IT professional with over 22 years of experience and the ability to break down complex material into material you will understand.

What Are Some Applications Of Packet Analysis?
1. Gleaning clear-text usernames and passwords from network traffic. Used by hackers for unauthorized access. Used by IT professionals to test security of network traffic.

2. Performance and fault analysis to discover network bottlenecks and communication problems.

3. Differentiating normal from abnormal and malicious traffic.

4. Authenticating and analyzing what Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls are recording as attacks.

5. Making certain that the information captured in network traffic logs is reliable, and will withstand scrutiny when used in a legal or administrative proceeding.

Students should have at least one network certification such as Network+ or CCNA, or equivalent work experience.

Your Instructors and Hosts
Steve Hailey, President and CEO -
Steve's Bio
Mike Andrew, Vice President
of CyberSecurity Institute - Mike's Bio

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